Do I need a Salesforce Consultant?

With Salesforce consulting partners, you get help implementing projects, creating custom solutions, and scaling your platform. It's cheaper to hire a contract or hourly admin than to hire a full-time employee. Your team will get the guidance and expertise they need from them because they're confident in their role.

SumoLab Business Analyst

Do I Need a Business Analyst?

As a business owner, you are constantly facing challenges and opportunities that can impact the success and growth of your company. From managing customer relationships and sales processes to analyzing market trends and identifying new business opportunities, there is a lot to consider when running a business.

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What Does a Business Analyst Do?

I bet you'd get 10 different answers if you asked ten different HR Professionals what a Business Analyst is. In essence, that's the problem facing the emerging field of "Business Analysis". To clarify, let's divide analysts into two major categories: business analysts (non-technical) and technical analysts. There are two main divisions within the title. I'm not saying you can't work on both sides, or that you won't be required to on occasion. The above example demonstrates how misleading the title "Business Analyst" can be.