"Salesforce transformed our sales department" - Learn how Jerry Suhrstedt leveraged CRM to streamline productivity and create a solid system for this home builder's marketing and sales team.

Stanbrooke Custom Homes was early in their journey to become a notable, Seattle and Tacoma area home builder.  Their custom home construction company was forging a new business model.

Historically, custom home builders garner new clients via word-of-mouth.  But Stanbrooke wanted to offer better overall prices to having a custom home built on your land.  In order to accomplish this, they knew they would have to offer a catalog of pre-designed floor plans, limit client selections and limit floor plan customization.

The Problem

In order to hit their annual revenue targets, this would require lots on localized advertising, which to this point wasn’t typical of custom home builders.  They knew they could capture a good amount of prospective home buyers, and that their dedicated sales team could convert those prospects in to buyers.

The problem was realized that the sales team would have to focus their energies mostly on prospect follow-up.  Management soon found that the sales cycle with semi-custom homes was around 8-12 months.  At this point, the sales team was utilizing a confusing web of spreadsheets, post-it notes, and hap-hazard follow-up phone calls.

The Solution

Salesforce to the rescue!  At this time, Jerry Suhrstedt was the director of marketing and sales.  He knew he would have to put together holistic solution as incoming sales leads were flying in the door, and the sales team simply wasn’t able to track leads, follow-up, and sales.

Jerry implemented a Salesforce Sales solution and began transforming internal sales team procedures to match the systems that are inherently part of the Salesforce platform.  The simple fact that Salesforce is built on solid CRM principals, this forced both the marketing and sales department to rethink their cobbled together systems and follow CRM fundamentals.

Once the sales team was trained on the system, the sales department began to flourish.

The Benefits

  • The sales team was now able to track real-time their incoming prospects from lead to sale with lead contact management.  This also allowed them to prioritize leads and opportunities.

  • Sales Team was now more productive with lead follow-up because of automation with Salesforce Flow.

  • Salesforce allowed the sales team to drive sales growth by over 50% year over year because they were able to sell smarter and sell faster.

  • Sales management was able to now accurately forecast sales and revenues from the dashboard with fully customized reports.

 Final Outcome

Stanbrooke Custom Homes grew annual sales from $3MM to $11MM in just under three years.  They were ranked the 6th place for Washington States Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in their 3rd year.

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