Revitalizing Custom Home Sales

Case Overview

HiLine Homes, a semi-custom home builder with 14 offices in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California, faced declining sales.


The company had minimal online presence beyond its website, with each office generating only 12-20 sales leads per week, mostly from referrals.


Devised an aggressive marketing plan focusing on lead generation, including direct mail campaigns, radio, television, email marketing, and a robust Google Ads PPC campaign with engaging landing pages for data collection.

Partnered with “Point-It,” a Seattle agency specializing in pay-per-click advertising, to drive our online efforts.

Launched high-impact TV and radio ads featuring a catchy jingle, which became a memorable brand asset. The jingle’s success was confirmed when a passenger sang it to the owner on a flight.

– Designed and distributed over 20,000 creative t-shirts at state fairs, home and garden shows, and local offices, increasing brand visibility.

Conducted multiple direct mail campaigns and participated in local “Home & Garden” trade shows across all four states.


Achieved a significant increase in lead generation through a dynamic marketing strategy, combining traditional and digital methods, bolstered by the memorable jingle and widespread t-shirt distribution.

Weekly sales leads per office rose from 12-20 to 150-200, showcasing the effectiveness of our approach.

Within 18 months, sales soared, with annual home sales increasing from 60-70 units to over 800 units within three years.

The strategic marketing initiatives not only enhanced HiLine Homes’ online presence but also significantly boosted brand awareness and customer engagement, driving sustained growth and establishing HiLine Homes as a leading name in the semi-custom home building industry.


Decrease in bounce rate


Increase in average session duration


Increase in page views